Building up B2C2C Social Commerce & Digital Ad, Marketing

Digital Ad & marketing business & E-commerce Business


Releasing massive enjoyable local contents and global trends related to shoes, fashion and accessories to attract online users


Inducing SHOEPING users to forming different group to share diverse information on specific brands, products, trends, etc.


Opening reseller & dropshipper program for those who want to sell our brands and products through their personal networks or webs

AVANCERA is designing SHOEPING on the basis of 3C Principles of ‘Content, Community, and Channel’ seeking for exploring the best effective distribution channels right for Indonesians.

Business Model

At the beginning of foundation, AVANCERA seeks for building up B2C2C Social Commerce Channels in Indonesia in combination with its own competences of digital ad & marketing, which is believed to be best suitable for carrying out e-commerce businesses in Indonesia. 


Offers not only online advertising products and accurate data for effective marketing,
but also high-end online marketing solutions and full support for mobile businesses in Indonesia.


From Indonesia to Korea, the US and Europe, China, Japan, and SEA
Local top brands, global brands, and niche market products


SHOEPING is AVANERA’s B2C2C Social Commerce Platform through reseller networks combined with a drop shipping model.

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