Digital Ad & marketing business & E-commerce Business



KT&G (2015~2016)

・O2O sales promotion with the helps of SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) for Esse series in Indonesia

・Advertising and promoting Berry Pop, a Esse’s new product, through online survey and content marketing in Indonesia 

Qoo10 Indonesia (2016)

・Traffic-driven & Mobile App Installation Campaign with digital contents on BBM and Opera

・Creating ad contents and going viral on Qoo10 BBM Channel


・Traffic-driven Campaign for promoting Korean products category social media and Youtube

・CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) Campaign via social media

Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp (2016~2017) 

・K-Food Online Promotion through producing 10 episodes TV Commercial with well-known Indonesian entertainers on social media

・K-Food Online Promotion through creative digital contents 

ARDILES (2017 ~ present) 

・Traffic-driven & Sales Campaign for promoting ARDILES Online Official Store on major marketplaces in Indonesia

・Advertising and promoting creative digital contents including video related to new product releases on social media

・Designing homepage/website and managing official social media accounts

KT&G SangSang Univ. Indonesia (2017 ~ present)

・Operating “KT&G SangSang Univ. Indonesia” partnered with several Indonesian universities as a sole agency 

・Advertising and promoting creative digital contents on social media in Indonesia

・Designing homepage/website and managing official social media accounts 


Performance Marketing

  • Optimize online campaigns in real-time with personalized ads
  • Focus on acquisition, activation and   retention

Onsite SEO

  • Cover everything from the technical fundamentals to high quality content
  • Ensure high rankings in Google

Offsite SEO

  • Generate natural, organic backlinks as well as social signals via Facebook


  • Maximize a client’s visibility in search engine results
  • Maximize a client’s performance through the right keywords, ad copies, bid strategies, and more

Social Media Marketing

  • Help e-commerce brands/retailers drive more sales vis social media
  • Tailor content to produce sales opportunities and lead generation

Display Advertising

  • Enrich client’s advertising message with interactive content
  • Maximize budgets by targeting the most relevant audience


  • Keep client’s brand fresh in front of an audience and remind customers
  • Convert window-shoppers into buyers with dynamic

Content Marketing & Native Ad

  • Distinguish client’s online presence and increase brand awareness
  • Drive higher brand affinity and purchase intent response

Affiliate Marketing

  • Cost-effective way of tapping into a wide network for a new audience
  • Reach customers across major publishers in Indonesia

O2O Campaigns

  • Create a multi-dimensional user experience through offline activity to online channels